Maiko had a dream and a vision - Trained in Japan, in her heart she knew she wanted to pursue her dream of opening her own salon one day. That one day happened 20 years ago when she opened Glam Up in San Francisco - Japan Town.  Since then, there are countless clients that have requested her services. She has also inspired apprentices from Japan that she sponsored. Glam Up specializes in Japanese hair styling techniques, from hair straightening, hair coloring, coloring touch ups and more for both women and men.



"Hair styling inspiration comes from various sources, one of them are from our clients - It's up to us to fulfill a need for our clients & make it a reality and ultimately we are both happy - it's an awesome experience."


Hairstyling: {noun}
An act or job of cutting and arranging people's hair.

Glam Up does this and more. Tailoring the experience to each individual's wishes and desires. We believe that each detail steps taken to achieve the final result is what differentiate us from other salons.


"Connecting through common goals and shared experience..."

We believe that having a common goal in the final outcome of any hair style is of utmost importance for complete customer satisfaction. Clients are encouraged to convey their thoughts and ideas about the styles they would like and at the same time, as stylists we suggest on whether that particular style may or may not work depending on the shape of their face or type of hair. For example, some hair styles works best on oval faces, some not and so forth....